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There are many reasons why people choose to study economic and management in China, including salary, career prospects and networking, Networking is probably the key reason. Nowadays, Economic and Management programs in China is designed to prepare both Chinese and foreign managers for senior leadership positions in China, In general, it aims to provide managerial students with ability to lead, design and implement suitable system and practice for organizations operating in China and also international business environments.

It is important that foreign companies need capable managers in China, given the growth demand for foreign investment in China, there is a real shortage, more economic and management education is required both in the Chinese ways of doing business and Western ways, it become absolutely critical to compete and grow in China.

  1. its affordable.
    ranging from as little as 2000us$ for tuition per year going up .therefore making them cheaper than European and American universities.
    most of the clothes and appliances in your home come from china .that means you can get all of those at a way cheaper price in china .
    Chinese cuisine is blessed with a diverse variety that has been keeping the Chinese life expectancy at 72 is also affordable in china
  2. after completion you can work any where in the world
  3. you will meet people from all over the world that also come to study in china .this makes your network international .
  4. you will be able to speak Chinese in a few years ,this will boost up your CV and makes it stronger .The world wants to communicate with the Chinese large corporates and the other way around is also true .therefore you will be an Engineer , Doctor or Businessman etc that has a skill the whole world wants.
  5. you can travel and explore the country. it has a lot to be discovered . see the "get to know china tab"
  6. P.I.S.A (programme for international students Assessment ) stated that Chinese students archieved best results in Mathematics ,science and Literacy .
  7. China is a country that has proven its engineering abilities holding a lot of world records in various fields .this makes it the best place to study engineering . to see some of the mind blowing engineering marvels go to "Get to know China tab"
  8. China is the fastest growing economy and is the second largest economy in the world giving you more reason to study Business in a country like this .

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